Virtual Flight New Zealand is strategically positioned ahead of market trends and forecasted growth and we provide you with the chance to own a thrilling business in a sector of the technology industry that is exciting, and rapidly growing!

Own an Innovative, State-of-the-Art Virtual Flight New Zealand Franchise Concept.

Virtual Flight New Zealand has brought the concept of experiencing the thrill of powered flight to the masses of enthusiasts and established pilots alike. Our simulator is the biggest, privately owned and operated, flight simulator available. Our franchise model puts you on the cutting-edge, as you bring a state-of-the-art entertainment experience to your city. Take advantage of the specialized technologies and unique business model we provide and become the “go-to” destination for customers of all types and ages in your own local neck of the woods.

Why Owning a Virtual Flight New Zealand Franchise is a Great Opportunity:

No competition:

  • We will only allow one franchise per city.


  • A Wide Range of aircraft to suit all types of customers. From 9 year old to 100 years old, the simulator can cater for all ages and desires. Fly a Cessna Skyhawk, an Airbus A380, or anything in between, the simulator caters for newbies, novices and established pilots alike. From families with children to groups of friends or co-workers, Virtual Flight New Zealand offers fun and entertainment for nearly everyone! Parents and kids alike love the fact that they can control and operate a powered aircraft of their own choosing.

Advertising and Marketing:

  • Building business can be done in many ways. The main advertising and promotions take place through the companies Treatme, Grabone, and Groupon and are centralized managed from our Auckland head office. This means that you don’t have to worry. Everything will be taken care of. You can also build the business in other ways: Promotions in schools, local companies and offer special flight sessions. Birthday and other party packages, corporate outings, group social events, and so much more!

Access to Unique Technologies:

  • We provide you with what you need to stay ahead of the game! From initial equipment packages to ongoing updates and upgrades of hardware, licensed software, and aircraft options – you’re always at the forefront of the industry. We provide complete initial and ongoing training and a comprehensive guide for daily business functions. Periodic site visits, business performance review meetings, and remote support for any operational or technical questions you might have.
Join our team, and let’s explore the nearly unlimited potential of owning a Virtual Flight New Zealand Flight Simulator!

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