What our Customers say about Us:

Thanks a lot, Herman, for such a magnificent flight simulation session! My wife had done the booking and it was a total surprise for me. My simulator session went before I realised it. I enjoyed myself very much with all the take offs and landings, and my landing by night was spectacular.. Herman is an awesome instructor with loads of patience!! My wife, who set behind me during the flying enjoyed it also a lot. Again, thanks for a wonderful experience. 🙂

Mike Horsettfrom Dunedin wrote on January 27, 2018

Hi Herman. I like to thank you through this media for the excellent service that you supplied to me and my son, Michael. We both loved every minute of the flight simulator and we both walked away with a lot of new knowledge and a thrilling experience. Michael is even more keen to become a pilot and we are looking at the moment to get him a scholarship to follow his dreams. Danielle.

Danielle Harrisfrom Tauranga wrote on January 21, 2018

As I understand I was one of the first to be allowed to fly the Cessna Citation Mustang on your simulator. What an experience!!!! I would never have expected to sweat that much trying to land the plane. At all times I knew I was in a simulator, but the 180 degrees surround view makes it so real that I thought I could feel the bumps of the wheels when I touched down. A really great experience and I would like to use this medium to thank Herman for his wonderful explanations and instructions. Keep up the good work, my friend. I will definitely be back and fly that plane again.

Harry Neilsonfrom Queenstown wrote on December 8, 2017

Hi Herman Great activity …. thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Fun and informative. Thank you! Ralph, Bron and Madison

Bronwyn Morganfrom Auckland wrote on November 19, 2017

Absolutely awesome experience with Herman the instructor. Learned so much about flying and how it all works. Perfect gift for my son and I to do together. Got to go back and fly a bigger plane!

Mark Crichtonfrom Auckland wrote on July 9, 2017

Great experience. Loved every minute. Good instructor.

Fritz Scheideggerfrom Auckland wrote on April 6, 2017

Bought this experience for our 13 year old surrogate grandson who has, since as long as I can remember, always said he wants to be a pilot. It was a secret buying him this gift and the family came up from Hamilton and when we told him what we had bought him the grin from ear to ear was amazing and it just didn’t come off his face all day. He absolutely loved the experience and thanks heaps to Herman for his patience and guidance in showing Ashton the ropes in good old plain simple terms. Ashton came away even more determined to achieve his dream and we are investigating getting him a scholarship or some help to set him on his way. Thanks Herman, it was a super afternoon for Ashton, his dad and for my hubby Dave.

Ashton Neighbourfrom Auckland wrote on May 10, 2017

Had a great time learning how twitchy the “fly by wire” systems are. Eventually got the hang of it and had a ball. Herman was great too and was so interesting to talk to about flying and his experiences. The time went by far too quickly and I wish I could have packed the system up and taken it home! Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Herman.

Derek Spraggsfrom Auckland wrote on October 8, 2016

Don’t delay, book your flight today !! This is a great experience, I wish I had had the opportunity years ago, I might have been flying by now. Just like the real thing, most enjoyable.

Bob Godwardfrom Auckland wrote on October 20, 2016

Had an awesome experience real life like, I’m definitely doing this again. Thank you for your time Herman. Ian

Ian McDonaldfrom Auckland wrote on November 19, 2016

An enjoyable experience. The instructor is passionate about flying and his knowledge and passion add to the overall experience.

John Gilchristfrom Auckland wrote on September 25, 2016

Excellent experience. Highly recommended.

Andrew Michellfrom Auckland wrote on September 5, 2016

Thanks Herman for such an awesome flight simulation session! My wife had booked me in for an hour session but the session went really quickly. It was great fun with all the take offs and landings, and when the weather was changed to complete fog. Herman is really knowledgeable and had loads of patience!! Would definitely recommend this experience for anyone who has wanted to experience what it must be like in the cockpit.

Jamiesfrom Auckland wrote on September 3, 2016

This experience was given to me as a present for my birthday and it was just the best gift ever. Herman was fantastic as an instructor. very chatty, easy to get on with, good clear instructions and explanations. Absolutely loved it. My wife Wendy also enjoyed the experience. We are thinking of giving similar experiences to other family members. Thank you Herman for the opportunity. 🙂 🙂

Dave Allenfrom Auckland wrote on August 22, 2016

Hi, Thanks for the experience which was great. The only issue I have is downloading my video. The download speed is very slow and it does not appear to be my internet connection. I have tried downloading several times but the archive extractor keeps saying it is corrupted. Suspect it is not downloading completely because of the speed issue. Any ideas, would love to see my video. Regards John

Johnfrom Auckland wrote on April 26, 2016

Awesome …. I need this rig at home.

Marty Henryfrom Auckland wrote on September 14, 2016

Had fun, and I didn’t even crash (much!) thanks for the amazing flight Herman, we learned lots, Elliott and Howard

Elliotfrom Auckland wrote on March 1, 2016

Was very exciting, it seems real and I even forgot to breathe because I was apprehensive afraid to crash the plane … hahaha :*)

Evelynfrom Auckland wrote on February 9, 2016