Experience the sensation of being in control of a real airoplane cockpit

Enjoy the amazing experience and sensation of flying the aircraft of your choice in this flight simulator built from the ground up. What started off as a pre-retirement project soon became a building project spanning more then 3 years. I wanted to built the flight-deck true to size of an Airbus A380, utilising 6 HD LED display monitors for visualisation of the surround view and 2 HD LED monitors for the instrumentation display, a HIFI dolby 5.1 surround sound system as well as integrated true to life autopilot and radio stack. Everybody who knew about my secret project, told me that it was impossible and that I never would be able to finish the project and fly the simulator.

3 years after starting and testing after testing, I was finally ready for my maiden flight and an A380 flight from Toulouse (FR) to Auckland (NZ) was quiet a ceremonial gesture, as it represented the virtual flight of the simulator to it’s new permanent base in Auckland.

Soon it became clear that a lot of people wanted to use my simulator and from the beginning it really went crazy. The simulator was running nearly 24 hours a day as friend (pilots and non-pilots), and their friend, who told their friend etc etc, wanted to have a go. This became so overwhelming that I had to start controlling access to the simulator. Through the companies, TreatMe, Grabone and Groupon, voucher were made available to the public and by restricting the simulator access to Vouchers, the flow of would be simulator users became more controllable.

At the same time I started to program more aircrafts into the simulator system and now you can fly the simulator from a Cessna 172C up to an Airbus A380

By choosing a flight simulator session at Virtual Flight, you can board the aircraft of your choice and choose your favourite destination. Fly from city to city within our simulator, or choose a scenic flying experience over any city in the world. You will be able to practice all the techniques for take-off and landing as it is in an actual commercial jet flight.

You will board the flight deck simulator at our central Auckland venue with easy free parking. Come and enjoy this experience alone, with an instructor and/or with a friend or colleague. During your flight simulator experience, you will be the pilot in charge, however, for inexperienced pilots there will be a flight instructor sitting in the co-pilot seat. This ride will truly amaze you with an unforgettable opportunity to sit in the captain’s seat in this true-to-life flight simulator.



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Our most popular package! You are the captain! Flying the Cessna 172C with Glass Cockpit, in and around Auckland, in any weather, at any time of the day. Experience spectacular HD visuals! Whether it’s your first time on the flight deck, or you’re an experienced pilot, this package delivers an outstanding selection of flights. Perfect your skills with a series of take-offs and landings at different airports, or experience what it’s like to be an airline captain by flying between two cities following real-life airline procedures. For the experienced aviator, why not try a challenging approach or landing in bad weather, or a different aircraft with no auto-pilot? Whatever your choice, you’ll be exhilarated by the thrill of flying a modern aircraft over some spectacular sights.

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Fly from city to city in this 120 minutes of pure unadulterated aviation excitement, while in command of a twin engine Beechcraft King Air, or a Learjet! Become fully immersed in the world of aviation simulation. With this package, you’ll experience the full joy of flying. The captain can choose departure and arriving cities. With this package you develop and perfect your take-off and landings while coping with the controls of a fast private Jet. Challenge yourself with an in-flight emergency or flying a dangerous approach in stormy weather! Can you cope under the pressure?

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VOR Flight and ILS landings. This is for the serious aviator. Fly a full city-to-city flight in real-time following real-world airline procedures. This package includes full cockpit orientation, route briefing, entering data into the flight management computer, and executing checklists.

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The Ultimate!! 240 minutes of excitement that you can share with friends or family. Fly the Airbus 380 Dreamliner from Sydney to Auckland.

Are you ready to be amazed?

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After months of programming and fine-tuning, I was finally ready for my maiden flight in my new Cessna Citation Mustang. Join me on this Maiden flight from (NZMF) Milford Sound to (NZQN) Queenstown.

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